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The Trouble with Paradise 

With The Fall/Collection, I wanted to take a look at the concept of paradise. I believe the Adam and Eve story is an allegory of life itself: the transition from innocence to experience. Youthful optimism to adult disillusionment. It's unavoidable. To me, it seems we're all on a quest to rediscover a paradise that really never existed. Some look for it by moving 3,000 miles away from home. Some look for it in romantic relationships/marriages. Some folks try to find paradise in drugs and alcohol. Some try to find it in sex, in dogmatic religions. Some, like Lord Jamar, believe paradise was the Golden Era of Hip Hop (circa 1988-1998) when rap was dominated by grimy straight Black male emcees from the hood and women were just female versions of a male rapper.  But all paradises come to an end.

The Fall/Collection is also a tongue-in-cheek dig at the assumption that all gays are obsessed with fashion or, more importantly, the subconscious (stereotypical) belief that the only vital contributions we gays have made is largely in the area of design. Nevertheless, it takes a profound intelligence to be a great designer.  The most exceptional fashion designers are well-versed in anthropology, history, and philosophy. 

Lastly, The Fall/Collection is an homage to a music genre I hold dear--hip-hop.  The album starts off with the normal braggadocious, self-aggrandizing hip-hop fare; however, the narrative segues into more realistic territory as I discuss my disappointments, failures, hurts and pains. Hopefully, the dissolution (or "the fall") of my ego blesses all those who listens. 
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