From the album Undressed


Go, all my freaks on the flo,
All my freaks on the flo',
All my freaks... freeze, stop, pose bitch
You hoes been told before
You gotta drop it low
As low as low as you can go
Freeze, stop, pose bitch
Go, all my freaks on the flo,
All my freaks on the flo',
All my freaks... freeze, stop, pose bitch Froze like a popsicle,
Dripping down to the floor,
You're on the cover of Vogue
Freeze, stop, pose bitch

Chocolate no you can't touch this
Step up in the place
Fit, Givenchy,
Walk, Naomi, and I'm serving face Niggas ain't me, try to taint me
With their brushes try to paint me Masterpieces can't be copied
Hoes be crusty and they dusty
Not that cute boy you can trust me
I don't want you, you don't budge me Here for drinks man you can judge me '04 Usher kick the truth fam
Grab that cran and Absolut man
Raise a glass and say salud man
Fallen soldiers we salute fam
Yo, I'ma pass out
Running right past ya
Moving too slow man
Let me go faster
You're a non factor
Demons I will cast ya out
In the rapture
When I do math bruh
It don't fucking add up
Most niggas actors
Brats so they act up
Full cuz they gassed up
Waste so I trash ya
Yes I'm your master
You must bow down


I'm Jourdan Dunn 'n
Think you're done man
Call me Nicki
I'm just son-ing
All these hoes be starting something Poker faces see them bluffing
Moves I'm making gotcha huffing
Got that Cali keep on puffing
French Montana worried bout nothing French Montana...
Feeling sexy in Giuseppes
Crescent sign, can't see you text me Week ago you went and next me
Now you're sorry that you left me Drinking Belvey on the rocks man Diamond bezel, these just rocks man Why these niggas all be clocking
Why these niggas all be clocking
Hoes will deal and then I feel some Hands around my waist
Whispering yo in my ear
Yo begging for a taste
My Baileys creme 'n got you feenin'
So Jo Jo'n and K-Ci'n
Sloppy bitches keep on dreaming Lemonade braids aye
Live for the shade aye
Don't hurt yourself bitch
Know you ho-made aye
Always getting played ay
Always getting paid aye
Dust blow away aye
Bitch go away, way
Do this everyday, day
Smile it's okay, kay
Never phase me aye
Trick what you say, say
Slap you in the face
Put you in your place
You must bow...